Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How do I...

So how do I add someone to my list on the right?  I want to add David's blog, but I don't remember how.  And by "remember" I mean that I didn't see Michael set it up so I have no clue how.  
Berserk, I missed the boys on Monday.  Valkyrie was going to bring them over while you two went out.  I thought I'd take them to Mickey D's and let them eat and play.  Maybe I can have them for a few hours on Saturday?  
I love you guys!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Two names you go by:

2) Susie Q

Two things you're wearing now:
Mickey earrings (From Jason and Andrea)

2)  Mickey necklace (from Gary)

Two things you would like to do again:
Go to Walt Disney World

2) Have one more baby (alas, tis not to be… but I keep dreaming I am.)

Two  things you want very badly at the moment.
To go to Walt Disney World with Audrey

2) Kiss Gary

Two people who will fill this out & return  it:
Audrey, if I’m lucky

Two things you did yesterday:
Folded Laundry

2) Got caught up on my soap, AMC

Two things you ate yesterday

1) Kiwi Fruit

2) Blueberries

Two people you  last talked to:
1) Dave

2) Lynn
Two things you're doing tomorrow:
Listening to a book on CD on the way to work
Working out, I hope

Two favorite holidays:

Two favorite beverages:                                                                                                        

1) Crystal Lite

2) Dasani water

Two people no longer alive that you'd like to talk to:

2) Dad O

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is harder than I thought...

Okay, maybe it's not necessarily difficult, but I didn't remember how to make a new post and the Wizard had to remind me. Heh... Not to worry, I'll catch on eventually.

So the Wizard has already posted about the adventures of his CPAP machine. I spent most of our first day of vacation by myself, because he was busy chasing down a hose and a mask so he could get some sleep. (Okay, he got a little bit of sleep but not much because every time he started snoring, I had to wake him up, and he only got to sleep a few moments before he would start snoring. So neither of us got any rest.) Anyway, it's a good thing I made him drop me off at the park, because if I'd spent those seven hours in the hotel room, I wouldn't have been very nice about it.

The next day (yesterday) we went to Animal Kingdom, which I love, and then spent the next five hours in the Magic Kingdom. It really was a blast, but we were both exhausted. Today we went to church and then afterwards we went to Epcot, which is the Wizard's favorite. (There really aren't any bad Disney parks in Florida.) We had dinner in the Japanese restaurant and it was really nice. Unfortunately, it didn't agree with me so let's just say it didn't last as long as it should. Oh, well. I felt much better afterwards.

All I can think about this whole trip is how AWESOME it will be to have the whole family visit the mouse in January of 2010. The Wizard and I counted three times, and it looks like there will be 19 of us there. That means if we all eat at the Japanese restaurant, we'll need THREE of those tables with the big hibachi grill in the middle. That's nearly the whole room. (There are four of those tables in each room.) The poor, gentle Japanese staff won't know what hit them, huh? Anyway, chime in on whether or not you're wanting to go with us on this trip, because it'd be fun to know who and how many are trying to come.

Tomorrow will be our day at Disney Studios. It's my favorite park, I can hardly wait. My two favorite rides are Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller coaster. The Wizard will ride Tower of Terror with me, but he draws the line at joining me in what he calls my masochism, riding Rockin' Roller coater. But he said he'd at least go through the line with me and then use the "last chance to bail" door before the ride actually starts. We'll also watch "Four for a dollar" as many times as we can, since it's the main reason we came at this time.

Today the Wizard did something very romantic. He saw me gazing at some necklaces near the Germany pavilion, and after we had dinner we walked past them again. He said, "You keep coming back to this one," and pointed to a silver chain with a pendant on it. The pendant is three circles, graduating from smallest (about 1/2 inch) to largest (about an inch.) Inside each circle is a little Mickey icon, the large circle head with two smaller circle ears. The circles and the icons are all Swarovski crystals. It's really pretty, and very Disney. And now it's mine, the Wizard bought it and said, "Happy anniversary." He is so cute. :) After that we went back to Future World Showcase and rode "Soarin" again. Then we left to go back to the hotel. On the way home we stopped at a souvenir shop to get a couple of things to take home to Colorado with us. And now it's time for me to hit the hay so we can get a (somewhat) early start on tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Well, it's about TIME...

Okay, I’ve been MEANING to start a blog for quite a while now.  I think it’s been great the way all the kids have gotten to know each other better as adults through blogging and I hate to be left out.  I have no idea how often this will be updated, but at least I have finally started. 


Dad and I are hoping to go to visit the mouse this weekend.  The pre-show for Beauty and the Beast (called “Four for a dollar”) are singing their last acapella oldie on Sept. 20, and I want to see them one more time before they go.  I don’t know what will replace them, hopefully something just as good.  I’ll miss them, they’ve always been great entertainment.  We should be back Tuesday morning in time to go to work. 


Other than that, nothing I can think of to say… 




Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is only a test...

Had this been an actual blog there would have been something interesting here to read. This is Chaelomen, just setting up the blog for Mom, and I need something here to see what the layout looks like.