Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ten Things...

Ten things you don't know about me.  This will NOT be easy because I have a big mouth so pretty much everything about me is known.  There, that's one thing that you didn't about me, right?  HAH!  Nope, doesn't count.  Okay, so I think I'll have to settle for ten things that may not necessarily be common knowlege, although there may be a few people on the planet that are aware of one or two of them.

1.  I am scared of hoarders.  Now and again I catch a glimpse of those hoarder shows and I break out into a cold sweat, get a little sick to my stomach, and I get an almost irresistable urge to declutter something.  Usually I am drawn to Gary's office at those horrible times.  This makes Gary extremely nervous.  :)

2.  I am becoming very anemic and I'm not sure how to fix that.  Iron pills haven't helped me in the past, only iron shots have and I don't really want to do that again.  :::sigh:::

3.  I like to curl my hair with socks.  Two are sufficient, which means that now that Gary's mickey mouse socks have holes in them, they are mine.  :)

4.  I have several cooking specialties that I am famous for, if only in my own mind.  :)  One of my specialties is blueberry pancakes, and anyone who has tasted them will not argue with me, they are amazing.  Feather light, and you could probably eat a dozen of them.

5.  One time Gary hurt my feelings (while I was pregnant with Carolyn) and I didn't match up his socks again for fifteen years. (However, his sock drawer was ALWAYS full of clean, unmatched socks. REALLY full.  And stirred up.)  I occasionally regret holding a grudge that long, but on the other hand, Gary has become much more careful about insulting pregnant women.

6.  I don't have a very good sense of direction, and regardless of what my policeman-son thinks, it IS possible to drive down the runway at Lowry Airforce base when you're looking for the Cherry Creek Mall.

7.  When I am really, REALLY mad I occasionally swear.  I try really hard not to, though, because it makes me feel guilty and it scares the dog.

8.  I wash my bathroom sink nearly every night.  I would probably say that this is obsessive-compulsive.  I NEED to see that shine.  I try to do it AFTER Gary has brushed his teeth.  (Althrough thankfully, he is a tidy spitter.)  Since I do it so often, I don't normally need anything harsh to clean it.

9.  Gary thinks this next one is werid, but I prefer putting away the dishes in the dishwasher right after they are clean, while the rest of the kitchen is clean too.  I absolutely HATE to put them away right before I need to put in a new load of dishes.  If I have not put them away while they're still warm, they don't feel as clean to me.  Okay, maybe that IS a little bit weird.

10.  Okay, this next one is a real secret, something I'll bet no one at all knows.  I really like going to Walt Disney World.  :)  I like to go with my husband, who is my best friend, because being there with him reminds me why I married him in the first place and shows me how easy it will be to spend the rest of my life with him. Going with my kids is great, especially back in the day when I took them one at a time so I could spend quality time with them, not easy to do with six kids.  I also love to go with my sister, because then we get to kids again ourselves.  It's also fun to go with friends and spend time reliving the past and also making new memories.  I even enjoy going by myself.  There is no bad way to go to Walt Disney World, but of course the absolute best is with my grandbabies.

Ta DA!  Ten things no one knew about me.  :) (sorta...)