Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back "Home" again...

So tomorrow I am going to my happy place.  :)  And best of all, I am going with my honey, The Wizard.  We aren't staying on Disney property because rates in the summertime are much higher, so we're staying off property in a cheapie little motel and getting a rental car.  Although I like to stay on property best, it's nice to do this once in a while because having a car means being able to go to the grocery store and not having to pack all the snacks in my suitcase, plus we can go to church on Sunday and also nose around to see what housing prices are like there.  My goal is to have a small second home in FL, and visit often.  (Some would say I already visit often, but everything is relative.)  Anyway, I'll be back in town next Tuesday and returning to work on Wednesday.

Speaking of work, things are going well.  I have the best job ever, but unfortunately I have been shifted to a new and different location and I have some adjusting to do.  I have a LOT less room there, so I've had to take some of those personal touches home, or move them to my alternate desk.  (I have two jobs at the training center.)  I'm sure I'll survive.  In the meantime, working for an airline is the BEST, and makes trips like tomorrow's possible.  
I'll try to remember to post a "trip report" when I get back.  I'm sure you're all dying to hear about it.  Love you!