Thursday, March 7, 2013

Crochet Catch up

It's been a long time since I've posted pictures of the afghans I've crocheted, so I'd better get them up. I'll try to get them all in one post, then maybe tomorrow I can get caught up on a surgery post.  I didn't get a photo of Asher's afghan, which was a cute little train.  Drat.

One of three afghans I made on my last trip to Utah.  This one has white bubbles on one side, yellow bubbles on the other side.
On this shot you can see the yellow bubbles on the reverse side.  Carolyn kept this one for her new baby. (Although Jack believes it is his.)   I can hardly wait to start make a few new blankets for Sarah's baby.
Full sized afghan for a sweet YW friend of mine, she's had some problems but she means the world to me.
Jack thought my friend's afghan was his.  :)
Alice's afghan. Each square has a raised heart in it.
Detail shot of one of Alice's squares so the heart is visible.
The second of the three I made while I was in Utah last trip.
The third one I made during the last trip I made to Utah. If Carolyn has a girl, she would like to have this one. It's pink, white, and grey.
This is one of the hardest I've ever done, I had no pattern so I made it up as I went along.  It had the Mario M, the bricks, the gold coins, and the mushrooms.  It was for Aidan, of course, my sweetie.
Detail shot of Aidan's afghan

Audrey ended up giving this to a friend at work's baby shower. It was made from Simply Soft, and was really cuddly.