Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An update on things...

Okay, an update. First of all, we got a call back on the townhome I liked best.  (the one with the garage.)  The bank came back with a counter offer and we have accepted it.  Now we need to get the earnest money to them and get the financing taken care of and we have our Florida home.  Yay!

Second, I got a call from (wait for it...)  Delta Airlines for a flight attendant position.  Yes, first a few preliminary qualifying questions.  Mostly to see if I would follow FAA rules and regulations.  I passed those so I was offered a phone interview.  I may be offered an interview in Atlanta.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  The odds are still tough, of course.  There were a thousand positions and over a hundred thousand applicants. But hey, not everyone got a phone interview, and I got that much so at least I can say I got that far, right?  And that much of it was fun.