Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not traditional colors, and a broken tooth.

This one is definitely not a traditional color for a baby afghan, but it still turned out pretty.  I like it.  The little holes are daisy-shaped, and then the edge is done in a cream color, and it looks like lace.  And I suppose it's also too feminine to be for a boy, but hey... I use what I have.

Other than that, today was NOT a good day.  I was driving to work, minding my own business and listening to the radio.  I opened the car gum (nice soft car gum, the little cube ones) and bit down and thought, "This gum has a little rock in it."  Nope, not a rock.  The gum had a chunk of my back tooth in it.  Yep, on the way to work a piece of my TOOTH broke off.  This wasn't that horrible hubba bubba, which is actually like chewing on a piece of cement, this was that nice soft kind of gum.  I think the tooth would have broken no matter what I was chewing.  But even so, it made me sad and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself most of the day.  Especially when I called the dentist and they said they didn't have anything available appointment-wise till NEXT WEEK.  I said that was NOT acceptable, so they decided they had an appointment available tomorrow morning.  (Why in the world couldn't they have said that in the first place?!)  Anyway, it doesn't hurt but I am fearful that it will begin hurting any time.  Stupid tooth.  Stupid gum.  stupid dentist's office.  I have been in a bad mood ever since.

And then I decided I would FINALLY do my visiting teaching letter and the STUPID COMPUTER (not this one, which is also horrible, but the one I can actually PRINT from downstairs) decided to die. And of course Gary was late getting home from work and was not answsering his cell phone so I couldn't ask if he knew what was going on with it.  

I definitely need to go to visit Mickey.

So let's just say the little black cloud over my head is growing exponentially... Why is it when one non-life threatening thing goes wrong, life decides that would be a peachy time to heap another load or two of crap on you just for fun?  Nothing earth shattering, just something to raise your blood pressure.

And no one here to know I'm upset except the dogs.  Poor doggies.

Oh, on a happier note I found pictures of two other afghans that I made that I thought were gone forever.

The first is the one I made for my niece Megan, the second is the one I made for Amy and Brad. But the stupid computer won't upload it unless the picture is sideways!!!!  I hate today.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Scraping the bottom of the barrel....

Okay, two more finished afghans, and I am seriously running out of yarn.  But I like these two.
For the Smiths
I like the little apples in the corners.

And I don't know who this one will be for, it's using up several bits of yarn.  But they go together well and could be for a boy or a girl.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby blankets

Two more finished blankets and I am almost through all of the yarn that I have in my closet.  Well, at least almost through all of the bits and pieces of it.  I still have a few skeins of white and other things that I'll actually use when I make wedding gifts and that kind of thing, but these are the leftovers that have been given to me and have been left from various projects and have been too good to throw away, but not big enough for a full sized blanket.  And I've looked and haven't ever really found anything for "scrap" blankets that I've ever thought looked nice, that have ever looked like anything other than what they were, a way to get rid of scraps.  Somehow it didn't seem right to put that much effort into making something that looked like it was made of junk.  :)  Anyway, I've been happy with the results of all this, and I think it's been nice to "gift" people I know with all these little blankets.

Bridget asked me what I was going to do once all the yarn was used up, since I would now be known as the lady who gives baby blankets, and once it's gone when people have babies, what am I going to do, pat them on the head and say "congratulations, too bad I used up all my yarn..."  Heh.. I might have to keep my eyes peeled for yard sale type yarn.  Yikes, what am I thinking?  :)

Little pink and white afghan, for the Cleverlys
Full view, this one only took a day and a half.
This is oneof those bubble ones, green bubbles on one side, white on the other
Full size shot of the bubble ones.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ladybug blanket

I just wanted to post a picture of this little ladybug blanket before I forgot to do it.  It's been fun to make, and even though it was cute enough without them, adding the little family of ladybugs in the corner makes it adorable, to me.  :)  Plus it's using up some more of the stockpile of bits and pieces of yarn, too small of amounts to do anything full sized, but just the right amount sto do small baby blankets.  This little blanket is just right for tucking around baby in a carseat.

This blanket is kind of a light sage green and off white, the ladybugs are black and red.  They look really nice on the green and white background.  They're just a little pop of color.  It was a little bit of a pain to make because there were something like 150 or so little squares that had to be put together, but it was worth it.

Plus I've learned how to add captions to the pictures in my blog.  :)
Ladybug baby blanket

closeup of ladybug family

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Karen is finally coming. :)

So I have finally been able to talk Karen into coming for a visit.  She will be here tomorrow night and I will take Friday off of work so we can hang out.  We actually don't have any real plans, so we'll play and laugh and just act like kids again.  I don't work on Mondays so we actually have four whole days to be silly.  I think that's enough time to drive Gary and the kids crazy.

Other than that, I still am not sleeping very well. I have a hard time going to bed at night, and there are times I wake up with my heart pounding as I think of what MIGHT have happened to Jason, and what might have happened to a whole lot of other people if Jason hadn't been where he was.  But overall it's beginning to get better.  Except I notice that I lose my temper easier, and I really have no excuse for that.  Hopefully I'll get nicer.

I have gone through the pictures on my phone and I was happy to find that a lot of the photos of afghans that I have made in the past, which I saved in my comcast folders (erased by a stupid hacker) were still there.  I am going to post them here, so I apologize to everyone for having to look at them, they're not new but they're a few of the blankets that I have made over the last few years and given away.  It's not all of them, but at least it's a few.  I can't believe the pure maliciousness of someone just deleting emails for no reason like that.  Oh well, what's done is done.

Jack's blue and white one, I made one like this
only orange and white for Isaac.

Shawna's, for her wedding

For Jared and Shylene's baby

Alice's white blessing blankie 
Isaac's red white and blue blankie