Sunday, September 12, 2010

A bolt out of the blue...

I have applied for a job.  And of all the jobs I have applied for, this is the first one that I really, REALLY want.  Of course, I have no idea how many openings there are.  And I know that for every opening there are probably a thousand applicants.  But that's okay, even applying for it has been fun and imagining the possibilities has been a blast.  Want to know what I applied for?

I applied to be a flight attendant with Delta Airlines.  :)

As soon as I applied I texted Dad, and he called almost immediately.  I answered the phone with, "I figured that'd get a call out of you."  He was laughing with a really delighted laugh, which made me happy.  I didn't know at first if I would need to talk him into this or what.  Shoot, for that matter I didn't know if I would have to talk MYSELF into this kind of thing or not.  But Gary's been super supportive, which I appreciate more than I can express. Gary's always been supportive, it's one of the things that I love most about him.

Like I said before, I don't know if this will actually go anywhere because flight attendant jobs are not easy to get, but the more I think about it the more I really want to do this.  My last baby is in college, for Pete's sake. Michael and Melissa will be moving out soon.  What better time is there to take on a brand new kind of life?

If I am successful, there will be 8 weeks of training in Atlanta, GA, and I'm not sure when it would start but the sooner the better.  Room and board is provided, and I'll get a small salary in addition.  After that, I'd be assigned to one of Delta's hubs.  I'm not certain which it would be, but I assume that it would be one of the following:  Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis, or New York City (JFK).  (I would be hoping to be assigned to SLC, or course.)

Anyway, I'd have to stay in the area where I'd be assigned, so I'd have to have an apartment, most likely shared with other flight attendants.  These are called "crash pads."  Flight attendants work 3-4 days per week.  The rest of the time I could be at home.  Flying home would be on a space available basis, but as a flight attendant I would have the option of using an unoccupied jump seat if the passenger seats on the flight were full so it would be somewhat easier to get on a plane.

Anyway, in other news I just got back from a wonderful trip to Vacaville where I spent over a week with Mona.  She treated me to an early birthday gift, we went to see a production of "Wicked," which is the story of the Wizard of Oz told from the witch's point of view.  It was absolutely amazing and the music is memorable.  We also had a wonderful dinner afterwards and I tasted veal for the first time.  Delicious.  (For a couple of days of that week I house- and kitty- sat for Mona while she was on a business trip to the Reno area.)  I also cooked a couple of times and filled up Mona's freezer with some meals she can pop out when she's in the mood for some home cooking.  It was fun.  Mona has a great house and her back yard is a little slice of heaven.  I could stay back there for hours and watch the play of shadows across her little plants and statues.  So peaceful and comfortable.

Well, I suppose I should get this posted.  I probably should have some dinner since it's nearly 8:00.  Oh, and Mona and I saw both Inception and Toy Story 3.  :)