Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A couple of random things...

1.  Bridget has moved to a downstairs bedroom.  Since Gary and I have a new bed, that left our old bed (not a horrible one, but not one I wanted to sleep on for the rest of my life) with no good place to be.  So once Bridget moved downstairs, we set up our old bed in her old room.  Then I decided to put the sewing machine up there too, so when I finally got around to making that denim quilt I could leave stuff out and not have a huge mess visible.

Also, Bridget didn't want to take her old dresser downstairs with her, since it would have  crowded her new room too much.  Rather than leave it empty, I filled it up with all of the gift wrapping supplies that have been scattered around the house (but mostly in our closet) for years.  Know what that means?  It means that when I want to wrap a gift for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, or whatever, everything I need is in one place.  It's amazing. One drawer has all the tape, scissors, name tags, and other tiny stuff, another drawer has a ton of bows, a few small drawers have ribbons of various colors and widths.  There are a few drawers dedicated to gift bags (separated by whether or not they're generic or for a specific occasion like Christmas or baby/wedding).  Plus there's a drawer for tissue paper and a drawer for boxes.  And along side of the dresser is one of those big plastic holders full of a bunch of rolls of paper.

Of course, none of the drawers are packed full, so you can actually find all the different stuff.  I suppose it could be considered a waste, having all this space dedicated to gift wrapping.  After all, it's a whole dresser.  But the way I see it, Bridget didn't want it in her room.  All the stuff that's in it now used to be strewn all over but mostly in my closet.

Gift wrapping used to be so miserable, and for the most part I just yanked out the nearest roll of paper and did a hap-hazard  job, skipped the ribbons and bows because I didn't want to try to rummage around finding anything else, and called it good enough.  Now it's actually fun to do a decent job because everything is at my fingertips.  Yay!  And as for the rest of the room, it has a California king bed in it, which means if we have company they can choose to use the real guest room, which is pretty, or if they prefer a larger bed they can use this one.

2.  We have a new dishwasher.  The old one was leaving dishes mucky.  Sometimes the glasses came out dirtier than they went in.  You know what I mean, that light brown gritty stuff that gets deposited in the glass when you know darn well that nobody had anything to drink that even remotely looked like that.  Anyway, the new one works great and I love it.

3.  I am looking for a Manx kitten.  A manx cat has been described as a dog in cat's clothing.  They are people-friendly, seeking out human companionship.  They are good rodent-hunters.  They are the most hypo-allergenic cat because they do not produce the protein most associated with allergies.  Gary is not thrilled about this, but I am FINISHED with the winters full of tiptoeing into the kitchen, with my heart pounding, looking for the inevitable evidence of mouse habitation.

4.  I got an email from our realtor in Florida.  The town house is still coming along.  I am getting excited about it.  :)  I get even more excited about it when we have those stupid frigid days here.  My WDW annual pass is about to expire, but I am hoping to renew as a resident.  SO much cheaper.

5.  I had a job interview with a company called "One Earth Future."  They are a think tank.  Currently their project is vanquishing pirates. (Real ones, swashbuckling pirates.)  I am still awaiting word on whether or not I got the job.

And that's all the news that's fit to print...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Delta connection for me...

Well, it took some time but I finally got a response from Delta. It seems there will be no Delta career in my near future.  But I can always apply again if I so desire.  Well, to be honest the odds were not in my favor, there were a thousand openings and over a hundred thousand applicants. And most of those thousand openings were for non-English speaking flight attendants.

I still have an application in for Air Tran, and that's for an Orlando-based flight attendant job, so we'll see about that one.  Since Air Tran has been bought out by Southwest, I'd be happy to have a job with them.

Oh, and I had an interview with a place called "One Earth Future."  It was interesting.  When I was offered the interview I searched all over their web site and couldn't figure out what they do so I asked Gary to search and he couldn't figure it out either.  Carolyn searched and all she could find out is that they fight pirates (yes, the swash-buckling kind), which kind of excited Erik a bit.  David couldn't find a  lot of info either.  So anyway, the first thing I did at the interview was ask them what the heck they did.  (Okay, I asked in a little more professional language than that.)  Turns out this place is a "Think tank."  Or, actually, to be more precise, a "Think and DO tank."  (An important distinction.  I feel safer already, don't you?)  Heh.  Anyway, this place has decent funding and is a bunch of PhD holding geniuses who are taking upon themselves the burden of solving many of the world's problems, thus bringing about a greater likelihood of world peace.

I think the interview went well enough.  I won't know for several weeks whether or not I passed muster.  In the meantime I mentioned the interview to Lilia and she said if I'd rather have a part time job she could offer me that (she'd offer me a full time job if I wanted one) for 20 hour a week, which I admit would be nice.  She'd be flexible with my travel, too.  The biggest issue I have with that is the pay, which would be $3 or $4 less per hour than I made at United.  If I were to accept that, I would then have to apply and accept for jobs which pay that in order to still qualify for my unemployment.  (Basically, by accepting something that low, I'm indicating it's acceptable not only for this one job, but for all future jobs.)  Not a way I want to go at this time, but maybe once my unemployment runs out if it's still available.

In Orlando town home news, we're still waiting on paperwork, so nothing new to report there.  I hope they haven't forgotten about us.