Sunday, July 18, 2010

I still need a girl's lawnmower...

I can finally start the lawnmower by myself, which makes me proud of myself, but even though Michael has discovered there is a way to keep it running even when you don't want the wheels to turn by letting the "dead man" thingie go about halfway, that only works for men or women with longer fingers than mine. That means that when I need to turn corners I still have to try to drag the lawnmower backwards a little bit so I don't miss great big hunks of lawn. This is not easy considering the lawnmower is already trying to go forward much faster than I am comfortable with. (And this is on the slowest speed.) In fact, this last time I mowed the lawn, the lawnmower was absolutely determined to get away from me and nearly escaped to the street on two occasions.

The Wizard has pronounced it painful to watch me mow the lawn. Well, he can call it painful if he wants to but judging by the twitching of his lips I would say he laughs in the face of pain.

I also got the flower bed all weeded, and my zinnias are beginning to bloom. That makes me happy. That plus I am about 1/3 of the way through with cleaning out my closet. I love de-junking the house. The Wizard hates it when I get into this kind of mood. :)