Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This has certainly not been a good month or six weeks to be Susie. I had no idea when I got my wisdom teeth removed that it would be a 2-month ordeal till it was over. I will be on this antibiotic for another 2 or 3 weeks, and it seems to be sapping a lot of my energy. Or maybe it's the infection itself. I don't know. Plus the pain makes me tense up and then I end up with a migraine. It's getting better, but it's not been a picnic that's for sure. I have continued going to work and most of church (though to be completely honest, I have not been able to sit through the whole three hours yet), but I ended up missing David's and Sarah's reception in Michigan, which I felt terrible about. The surgeon felt bad about that too but he said with how severe the infection was he could not wait even through the weekend. He didn't realize I would be in too much pain to travel, but that's just how it worked out. I was popping percocet about every 2 hours. (I'm allowed one or two every 4-6 hours, so the way I see it that's the same as one every 2 hours if the pain is bad enough.  Hopefully that's not cheating too much.)  And I'm not supposed to take aleve or ibuprofen but I was so desperate that I did it anyway. (Percocet already has tylenol in it.) Anyway, the thought of going up and down in a plane was enough to make me almost cry in anticipation of the pressure changes, so I decided to stay home. Of course there's no way to tell at this point whether I would have been okay with it, but when something tells you to avoid something, it's best to heed the warning. It's when we ignore warnings that we are slapped in the face and we say, "Man I wish I would have listened to that prompting…"

When I went in for my first checkup after the oral surgeon re-opened me and scraped the infected bone away, he made it very clear that it had been an emergency that couldn't wait. In fact, I've been back for a few more checkups just to make sure the antibiotic is battling the bacteria sufficiently, and each time I go in another one of his hygenists tells me that they had to come in and watch part of the procedure because they didn't see this kind of thing very often. Woo hoo, I'm a celebrity.

Other than that, life is good.  I am toying with the idea of visiting Carebear and her family, and the newlyweds, for the holiday weekend coming up.