Saturday, September 17, 2011


Just a quick note, I am surviving with Bridget in China.  I knew I would but I also knew it wouldn't be easy.  I haven't yet gone downstairs to torture myself by cleaning her room.  :)

The job is going very well.  I love having Mondays off and I have two really great bosses, so I'm very lucky.  Also, next month Gary and I are going to go to Florida and stay in our new condo for the first time.  Neato torpedo!

One bad thing, Gary is going out of town on Monday for the whole WEEK.  Looks like it'll be just the dog and me.  I see several taco bell outings coming up.  (Audrey, I hope you want to visit?)

Oh, and am I the last person on the planet to discover NCIS?  Good show, and Mark Harmon is easy on the eyes.

We have a new couch, we got it at Ikea.  It's called the Manstad, and it makes into a bed.  It replaced the futon in the front room (which is now being stored for Bridget, and yes Bridget, you get to have the little throw pillows, too, they just jumped out of my arms onto the family room couches when I was on my way downstairs.)  I also got some pretty new pillows for it, so it looks really nice in there.

Bridget, I finished the second round of that brain scan at the hospital.  I think I'm done with that booger stuff in my hair.  Thank goodness for that.