Monday, October 22, 2012

Yarn donation and catch up

So I was wondering what I would do when I finished up my bottomless pit of yarn, but my wonderful daughter-in-law, Sarah, gave me a bag of odds and ends that she had, so I've been playing with that a little and this is the first one that I've come up with.  It's fairly simple, and the only color I used out of my "stash" was the white, which was about half to 2/3 of a skein.  The pink (sort of a dusty rose) and the apple green were both from her.  Same sort of made-up pattern I've used for the last few I've done.

In other news, I am leaving my job at the University.  I have enjoyed it, but for the last couple of months I have sensed a shifting there in my relationship with my boss.  I won't bore with all the details, but it's just a feeling I'm getting.  My boss is still nice, but she gets irritated very easily and I feel like I'm a scapegoat more than I ought to be. It could be a wrong perception, but where for the first year I loved the job, for the last few months I have started to dread it, so since we don't rely on my income it's okay to not have it.  I suppose I could try to fix it, but I have no idea who to go to, since HER superior is not even in the same area as we are and he is horrendously busy.  I don't think he has time for this kind of nonsense.  And besides, I don't know that what I do is valued there, and I don't think that they feel I am worth the trouble.

Life is too short to do something that makes you unhappy, right?  Or be somewhere you're unhappy?  Anyway, I'd rather leave while I'm still on good terms with everyone than wait till I'm miserable and wish I'd left months earlier.  I've got a couple of things on the horizon and if they don't pan out then I'm content to stay home and be a real "retired" person.  My last day at work will technically be Nov. 2, but since I have several days of comp time, my actual day will be Oct. 30.  I ams till going to do the exercise study, so I'll be driving down 3 times a week to work out, but since I do that for ME, that's not a problem as far as I am concerned.  If it gets to be an issue, I suppose I can drop out but I'd like to continue so they can get the data they're looking for for their study.

There are some folks there that I will miss though, and as the time for me to leave gets closer I get sadder.  Carolyn said it's my "graduation goggles," which she then had to explain to me.  (I need to find that clip of "How I met your mother" cuz it sounds funny.)  But leaving isn't as sad as leaving United was.  I guess that's saying something, right?  And if my other options don't work out, I'll be able to visit my grandkids more, go visit Mona now and again, visit Karen a bit, etc.

So.  Now I'm all caught up. :)

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Berserk said...

Graduation goggles, huh? :) I think I can piece together the meaning of that, and it sounds apt.